Washing face is important anyway for skin care. Let's make the facial cleansing foam foam properly and wash face that does not burden on the skin.

Skin care from foam washing face
Skin care from foam washing face

Skin care from foam washing face

The basics of skin care is said to be a facial cleanser.
No matter how good you use cosmetics, if you do not wash your skin cleanly, the effect will be halved and the wrong cleansing will damage your skin, causing wrinkles and sagging There are things.
The correct facial cleansing starts with proper bubbling.
In my experience, the cleansing foam itself feels good not to be so concerned.
I am using an affordable manufacturer's additive.
First wash your hands clean.
When dirt and sebum are attached to hands, it does not foam well.
I will issue a specified amount of facial cleansing foam in clean hands and lather so that it gradually loosens with warm water.
First of all, you'd better do it with big bubbles.
Once the facial cleansing foam loosens and bubbles, next time I will make the bubbles finer.
While lukewarm water is added, whisk like putting in air.
It is a habit not to crush foam that you made a lot.

Once you have enough fluffy bubbles, gently put on your face.
Let's go on a forest, nose, chin, firstly in the T zone with a lot of sebum.
At this time, it is a point that does not rub with gossyping.
I will rinse the bubbles and then gently wash it.
Wash the nostrils, using the ring finger, so as not to put too much force.
At this time, when washing the right small nose with the ring finger of the left hand and the small nose on the left with the right ring finger, the finger fits the nose and can wash it neatly.
Wash with remaining bubbles from the cheeks of less sebum to your ears.
Let's wash as if wrapping it with foam instead of gossyping at this time.
When washing the cheeks, put air in and inflate the cheeks a little, you can also clean the side of the recessed mouth and the gobo.
Surprisingly there are many leftovers left around the ears.
In particular, under the ears, foundation and teak etc. will survive unexpectedly, so do not forget to wash.
After washing, I will wash it twice.
Keep the rinse of perspiration as persistent as possible so that no bubbles remain.

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