Skin care that drops dirt on your skin properly is a foam. Let's not put in our power and stop sprinkling.

Skin care from foam washing face
Skin care from foam washing face

Skin care Washing face wash is a bubble

Some people do not wash their face in the morning. The skin of the waking-up is also dirty with sebum, dandruff, dust.
Skin care making beautiful skin. The trick is plenty of foam.
If you can not make bubbles with just the palm, let's use a whisk net.
I will warm lukewarm water on the net and apply facial cleanser.
Let's not rub too much when washing your face. Let's protect your skin gently.
Even if you are washing your face every day, if the dirt is not falling, then the lotion and milky lotion will not enter the skin neatly. If you make cushions with bubbles, dirt will also fall firmly.
The solid soap is user friendly.
It cleans up well and cleans up cleanly so it's easy to get it anywhere.

Bubbles are cozy and lie between hands and skin, rolling and embracing dirt from the skin.
Whipped cream is ideal.
Once you can clean the bubbles, the rinse is also easy.
You can warm your face with lukewarm water before washing with cleansing or washing your face. Pores are peeled down.
The dirt on the pores is a trick from bottom to top.
Move the helix like a spiral from jaw to cheek as you spin.
Let's not forget the side of the nose.
Please be careful not to rub out and rub your fingers. Did you understand the basics of skin care? The feeling that the finger stops tightly on the skin is the end of the rinse.
Let's take a moisture to press it against your skin with a soft towel.
Let's not scrub the towel. Let's put on lotion as soon as possible.

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