Nowadays, skin care is focused on women and other people, but what is indispensable for skin care is bubbles?

Skin care from foam washing face
Skin care from foam washing face

Foam is indispensable to skin care

I usually do not do skin care, and I do not care much for the skin, but I try to prevent only skin dryness.
For example, as I learned by watching TV that the skin tends to dry up, I have so far used milky lotions and moisturizing lotion to prevent the skin from drying out after drying the hair with a dryer I applied it, but after I knew about it on TV, I switched the order so far and started to apply moist lotion to prevent skin dry first.
Although I was using milky lot in winter, I started to feel the season moved from spring to summer, but since it sticks in the case of milky lotion I try to use lotion.

I thought why drying is easy to proceed in the bath, but probably because it is thought that the water in the body evaporates in the sweat and evaporates in the bath I will.
I usually use facial cleansers for facial cleansing.

However, this is not used every day. The reason is that if you use it every day, it seems that it is better for the skin to have good skin oil and horny matter.
But when I wash my face every day without cleanser feels, I feel that the forehead around the forehead is greasy, so I use facial wash every other day.
I feel like that foam is washing my face, which comes out when foaming facial cleanser.
When washing your body as well, wash it gently with foam instead of washing it with a towel etc. It seems to be the best for your skin.

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