For skin care, it is a point to keep beautiful bare skin by gently cleansing the skin with creamy foam.

Skin care from foam washing face
Skin care from foam washing face

Creamy foam points for skin care

To keep beautiful bare skin it is important to do the correct skin care method.
The most important thing in skin care is washing your face.
Facial cleansing is an essential skin care to get rid of the skin's dirt.
However, when washing your face you need to be careful as your skin will be easily damaged.
First of all, it is important to wash facial cleansing soap and cleansing foam bubbles well with facial cleansing.
This has the effect of preventing bubbles from acting as a cushion between the skin and the palm and preventing the palm from scraping the skin.
Because the skin is very sensitive, rubbing with your palm will irritate your skin and cause melanin pigment to deposit and lead to dullness.
In addition, if the stratum corneum layer on the surface of the skin is excessively peeled off, the barrier function will degrade and it will become easy to dry and it will cause sensitive skin which is prone to irritation due to external stimulation.

In order to make foam suitable for facial cleansing, it is effective to use a net for washing your face.
Put soap in a washing-only net and wet well with water, making lather whilst bubbling whilst including air makes creamy foam relatively easy.
Wash this bubble on your palm and gently stroke your skin.
It is a trick to pull out the power so that the palm of your hand does not hit your skin.
Even with a washing method which is unsatisfactory, there is no problem because the dirt of the pores is adsorbed by the foam. Then rinse the foam thoroughly with lukewarm water after this.
Lunatic hot water is suitable as it will make it easier to take away the skin's sebum with hot water of higher temperature.
After cleansing, it is recommended to care for skin care products with moisturizing effect.

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