Bubbles are important for important facial cleansing with skin care. I wrote about why, how to make it fine.

Skin care from foam washing face
Skin care from foam washing face

Important for skin care, foam washing face

What is important in skin care, of course, what you attach to the skin afterwards like basic cosmetics is also important.

However, I think that it is a facial cleanser that matches it.
If you keep your skin clean, no matter what you put on it will halve the effect.

But it does not matter how hard it is to wash it blindly because it is important. On the contrary, care should be taken because it injures the skin or causes irritation due to it.
I also feel that dirt will not fall unless I put strength on it, and I rub against it, but it seems that there is actually little relation between putting in force and dirt falling . In
it is said that the answer is ""bubbles"".

I often do it in commercials, etc. However, by cleansing facial cleanser well, sebum and dirt can be taken.
Bubbles have the property of wrapping dirt.
So, making a lot of bubbles is important for washing your face. Although saying
, it seems useless to make big bubbles.
Large bubbles are fragile because they will crack even on skin.
When I heard the story, I remembered what I used to play with soap bubbles.
Certainly bubbles are fragile and difficult to handle.
So you have to make a lot of fine bubbles.
If fine bubbles become cushion each other, it will be hard to break and you can keep the state as it is after wrapping the dirt.
In addition, because of its elasticity, it reduces irritation to the skin, so it gently cleanses the skin.

However, making fine-grained bubbles only with your own hands is pretty labor intensive.
If you grab a knack, it will be quicker, but if you can not do it easily, it is recommended to use a commercially available foaming net etc.
If you repeatedly repeat the bubbles that you made once again in the net, I think that you want to try it because the texture becomes finer.

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