Foam cleansing fairly often cleanses the skin is a proper skin care for people with dry skin if it is the right way. I wrote that method.

Skin care from foam washing face
Skin care from foam washing face

Foam cleansing is actually suitable for dry skin Skincare

I think that it is well-known among women that the foam is well standing and when the face is cleansed, the dirt falls well.
However, in fact it is not practiced so much because, first of all, why whisking is troublesome first, and ""Because I am dry skin, I feel like I will stick to the back if foam cleansing"" It seems that there are many reasons.
It seems that someone who thinks that the dry skin becomes bad will think that it will take up the sebum of the equally skin with good dirt, but this is a mistake.
It is because there is a problem with how to wash it because there is not enough care after that to dry.
If you change the proper skin care, that is, how to wash, the foam cleanses moisturize the skin moistly.
This is tried and proven by myself.

What should I do? If you make fine-grained foam, wash it so as not to crush it.
Once you get on your skin, move your hands to gently slide.
Between hands and skin, there is a thick cushion of bubbles, it feels like shaking it.
The uneven parts such as the nostrils and under the nose feel like not being able to wash well well, but you will want to rub them, but do not worry because the fine bubbles enter everywhere.
If you move gently with the belly of the finger, you can get dirt like cheeks.
In this way, even though you can remove dirt, important skin sebum remains.
To be accurate, we can remove extra sebum but as we need it, the skin moisturizes as a result.
I think that people who are weak in skin, those with severe dryness, should try it.

Recently, it seems that cleansing agents etc. are of a foam type.
I think that attention is gaining attention not to put a strain on the skin.
I think that it is good to use such a washcloth feathered in the pump, because some bubbles come out if you push it.
I do not put a strain on my skin, I want to have a healthy skin with a foam cleansing face where only dirt and extra things fall.

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