Skin care is not limited to putting on make-up water. Washing face that fouls with bubbles is very important.

Skin care from foam washing face
Skin care from foam washing face

Basics of skin care! How to wash using plenty of bubbles

It is a very wasteful story if you make plenty of toilet lotion, pack a lot of vitamin and collagen ingredients on your skin, and this makes skin care perfection mistaken.
Is your skin easy to penetrate lotion made? I do not properly penetrate any nutrition when sebum, foundation, dirt is accumulating in the pores. If you do not start from the basics of skincare basics, you can not say that it is beautiful skin making.
Each facial cleansing method will be their own.
Those who wash in the water, people who frequently use morning and evening and cleansing foam, those who wash with hot water and I know this makes a difference so much.
Even though you think that you are the best facial wash yourself, be aware that there is a possibility that the method is straining the skin. So, what kind of facial cleansing method is good?

The answer is foam cleansing. Anyway, make a big foam with a facial cleansing foam.
Well, there seems to be a person washing face with scrubbing foam without keeping bubble firmly, but you can not get dirty with it. It is foam that removes dirt.
Besides rubbing your face too much a burden on your skin, bubbles are the most important part of washing your face. If you make big bubbles put it on your face and let it gently with both hands.
After that, I will wash gently as if rolling froth on the skin of the face and massage it.
fine foam encloses the dirt of the pores and removes it firmly.
Let's wash away again with water without rubbing.
The water at this time is said to be just right temperature, lukewarm water is about the temperature of human skin.
There is plenty to practice.

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